Eledea Katalog

Piffany Copenhagen


  • mail@piffany.eu
  • 70666670
  • Bymosevej 17, 3200 Helsinge, Denmark
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Type: Katalog
Dato for oprettelse: 06.10.2022
Land: Danmark
Årstal: 2022

Eledea Flameless Candles are leading the way in candlelit convenience with a collection of gently-flickering, moodsetting, family-friendly candles to light up any occasion. Spruce up any space with a choice of assorted pillar candles, sophisticated taper candles, charming tealight candles and an innovative remote control accessory to help set the mood at the click of a button. So much more than just a candle, the real wax Eledea Flameless Candle helps to create a peaceful and welcoming ambiance in any home, hotel or restaurant with the added benefit of ensuring a clean, wax, and smoke-free environment. They do not become hot to the touch, the LED flame cannot burn or catch alight, and they are easy to move around from one room to another without fear of dripping wax or extinguishing the flame. Safe for the whole family to enjoy.

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