Uyuni Lighting Katalog

Piffany Copenhagen

  • 70666670
  • Bymosevej 17, 3200 Helsinge, Denmark
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Type: Katalog
Dato for oprettelse: 06.10.2022
Land: Danmark
Årstal: 2022

As the largest Salt Flats on earth, the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, South America, is a 129km stretch of exceptionally flat earth that is covered in a unique and mineral-rich salt crust. The large surface area of this mesmerisingly stark landscape is contrasted by a vibrant blue skyline by day, and an opulent starstudded canvas by night. Earth Inspired Adding to its spell is the fact that after a little rain, the flats transform into the largest mirror on earth, reflecting any and everything in sight. It is here, in the enchanting reflections, that our designers found inspiration for the Uyuni LED Candles; as they dared to dream of bringing the allure of these distant galaxies into homes across the globe.

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