19.04.2021  |  Interior  |  Tilbehør

Cozy Mathea Throws in Spring Colours

Innhold fra partner Hva er dette?

These cozy throws have a beautiful characteristic herringbone and double woven patterne and long soft fringes.

Perfect for cozying up on a summer night!

Lively fudge, passion and candy colours combined with burned colours from toffee and hazel will inspire your customers to getting the right atmosphere to snuggle up with.

Composition: 60% wool, 25% acrylic, 15% nylon

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We wish you a cozy summer!

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Cozy Living a/s


Cozy living Copenhagen is a young interior brand introducing a unique and cozy lifestyle with outstanding look and feel.The foundation of our designs is characterized by our Nordic roots where material and aesthetics are in focus. We care for handmade details, softness in fabrics and love the beauty of the different structures natures supply.

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