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Azulejo Bicolor - new pattern from Burel Factory

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Azulejo Bicolor - new pattern that 55° North has added to their collection of blankets from Burel Factory

Azulejo Bicolor, a new pattern that 55 ° North has included in their range of blankets from Burel Factory. Azulejo Bicolor is similar to the style, Azulejo, but still differs because the pattern contains 3 colors compared to Azulejo's two colors.

This difference give the blanket a completely different and more sophisticated look. The blanket is tightly woven with has long fine fringes and measures 180x130 cm.

The pattern can be dated back to the 1950s. Since then, Burel's current designers have made various updates so it's more up to date. All products from Burel Factory are made from Portuguese merino wool that comes from the sheep that live naturally in the nearby mountains. An accomplished beautiful, authentic and sustainable product that will last for many generations.

Dimensions: 180x130 cm
Material: 100% Merino wool

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