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Innhold fra partner Hva er dette?

Linen products are not only durable, beautiful and timeless. They are also products that are manufactured with a limited impact on the environment.

Flax is a material that has been used since the Stone Age and which today has become our most natural and oldest plant fiber. The material is durable and makes a relatively small impression on the environment. This is based on a number of factors. Among other things, it is resistant to both diseases and pests. Thus, no pesticide is required during cultivation and very little fertilizer, whereby the impact on the environment during cultivation is kept low. However, the low water consumption does not only apply to cultivation but also to preparation. Flaxseed consists of a stem of wood fiber with the flax enclosing the straw, much like the bark of a tree. It is the stem and roots that contain the fibers that can then be produced into linen. In order to retrieve the fibers from the plant, the woody stem and the inner pith (called pectin), which holds the fibers together in a clump, must be rotted away, called retting.That is, the linen is moistened to rot.
Usually the method of "land digestion" is used. This means that the linen is left outdoors on the ground and moistened by the dew. There, the rot fungi develop, which are required completely naturally, no extra water is required and no damage is done to the environment. After the retting process, the flax plants are squeezed and allowed to dry out before they undergo the process called breaking. This process breaks the stalk into small pieces of bark called shives. Then, the shives are scutched. The scutching machine removes the broken shives with rotating paddles, finally releasing the flax fiber from stalk.

The fibers are now combed and straightened in preparation for spinning. This separates the short fibers (called tow and used for making more coarse, sturdy goods) from the longer and more luxurious linen fibers. The very finest flax fibers are called line or dressed flax, and the fibers may be anywhere from 12-20 in (30.5-51 cm) in length.

We are really proud of our production and of being able to offer products that are sustainable for both humans and nature.

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