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Innhold fra partner Hva er dette?

Originally known for the organic design of the curve shaped table mat in recycled leather, the Danish design brand LIND DNA now proudly prolongs the vision of the tagline “More Than Just a Table Mat” by introducing a new candleholder collection - SILHOUET

Paving the way for autumn and winter gatherings with friends and family, the launch of the SILHOUETTE candleholder collection by LIND DNA is a celebration of craftmanship, honest materials and timeless design. The collection of three candleholders in different sizes is handmade from solid steel and generously coated with genuine 24K gold, chrome or black - making SILHOUETTE an organic fit for any space and style preference.

Preben Lind, founder and designer of LIND DNA, shares his thoughts of the newest launch: “SILHOUETTE is timelessly designed with simplified curves and repeated proportions with a strong belief in using only the finest materials. When you run your fingers along the surface of the candleholder, the tactility of the materials engages your senses, and you cannot help but feel the quality of the raw materials used for this. In difficult times, we wish to reconnect with our core values, and SILHOUETTE is a result of that”.

As an ultimate quality promise, the SILHOUETTE collection is supported with an assuring lifetime guarantee, which emphasizes the quality of the materials, as well as the timelessness of the design.

Read more at linddna.com/en/silhouette or contact Marketing Coordinator Mia Juel Falkesgaard via mail mf@linddna.com for further information.

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LIND DNA offer you an entire world of table top products and interior design concepts, that are beautifully designed to complement each other. Design, craftmanship, local production and zero waste is our philosophy. Craftmanship and the art of creation is what everything is ablout at LIND DNA. When ever possible, we insist on our own, local production in Denmark. We choose to do this for a numb…

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